Winter on the equator

So techically they call this time of year invierno (winter) even though its what we would think of as summer. Hot, humid, a little rainy at times, very green, and plenty of South Americans from the cono sur on vacation.

We flew into Guayaquil a few days ago and stepped of the plane and immediately were soaked to the bone with sweat. Carrying huge packs on our back and front didnt help that situation either.

We found a cheap place to stay in a sketchy part of the downtown area… we didnt know at the time when we found the place that it had a bad reputation but luckily enough for us, we didn’t have any problems.

We weren’t expecting much in the way of cool things to see in ths town, but ended up walking down the main Boulevard to the bay and there was this very nice park that extended in either direction alogn the bay for a mile or so. at one end was a lighthouse up on a hill. We decided to check it out… By the time we got down there it was late and night and we got to the top and could see 360 degree view of the city… it was amazing, and totally unsuspected.

Down by the bay, we met a cool bartender at a place called Resaca that gave us the best information about town, what to do and of course the local lingo.

I’m currently being kicked out of the internet café where I’m writing this… so, until next time, hasta la proxima.

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