Greyhound to Miami

In a few hours, I’ll be sitting up nice and pretty on a greyhound bus bound for Miami. There’s about 25 stops on the way. This is not going to be fun. First of all the bus leaves at 6:30am out of Charlotte and to get our ticket, they recommend you arrive at the station an hour early… 5:30… which means we leave Morganton at 4:00 at the latest.

We were going to flip a coin to see who’s parents would get the honour of giving us a lift down to Charlotte at 4 in the morning… but Paul’s dad came through in the clutch and actually wants to drive us down. My dad was more than happy to conceed him this priviledge.

It has been a very long weekend of preparations and anxiety. Paul came over yesterday and we decided what to take, what would fit in our backpacks, checked some equipment, and went to the store for more last minute stuff. I’ve been up burning a couple MiniDiscs of mixed music for the trip. I’m also taking a couple blank discs to record South American sounds. Maybe the music will keep me entertained on those loooong bus rides. I’ll get to find out real soon here in about 3 hours.

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