Wednesday I went up to Boone to visit my bro and hang out one last time before the trip… being that I brought up my guitar and amp, I tried giving some old friends in the area a call and we ended up getting in touch and had a good jam session. Ben came out with the sax, Ryan played bass, Michael and Daniel traded off on drums, and my brother playing Djembe and Congas. Gooooood spontaneous wacked-out stuff. I’d say everyone “jelled” that night.

After the jams, I came back to Brad’s appartment and happened upon a girl from way-back-when I lived up in the mountains and hadnt seen in probably 8 or 9 years, maybe more. Its insane to meet someone from your childhood when your memories are already so vague, and then, in my case, I had moved away as well. There was a lot that I had forgotten about that she had been growing up with the whole time, but that I hadnt seen since 4th or 5th grade elementary school. We all stayed up really late catching up on old times.

The next day… it snowed… and didn’t stop once all day! All out of the blue and everything, too. A couple days ago it was in the mid 50s… needless to say, the weather here, and all over NC has been very interesting this winter. Apparently they rarely cancel school at Appalachian State U. because of snow but on this day there was so much and it was so persistent all day that they did cancel and Brad got out of a test as well as work. We hung out playing music all day cause my tiny car was stuck there, so Brad drove me back down to Morganton that night.

Today, in Morganton the snow is all but vanished… temperature in the mid 50s again. Man, that was a weird snow. Heard they got 17” in Raleigh! …I’m ready for austral summer.

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