Flight to SA

We found and purchased some very inexpensive tickets to Ecuador yesterday on Taca! Leaving out of Miami on March 2nd, return flight set for July 15. We have to figure out how to get to Miami… and the solution was a one-way ticket on a 20-hour greyhound bus ride from Charlotte to Miami (yikes!) which is looking like a little taste of similar things to come south of the border.

We are flying into Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city—a maretime port city on the Pacific coast. We are going to head north along the coast to stay with a friend at the little surfer town of Montañita, whic reportedly has the best waves in Ecuador—a right break. I’ll find out more when I get there ;-)

The current plan, as far as we can see it now, is to do a big loop around Ecuador going up into the Andes, check out Quito, maybe climb Cotopaxi and then head down into Peru.

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