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Picture of James Wilson James Wilson is the lead front-end web developer at Bluespark. He uses this space to blog about travel, web development, Drupal, open source, mac, and various other topics.

Hi, I’m James. This is my blog.

I write about varied topics here, including everything from cuisine, to programming, to travel. I’ve been traveling and living in various places around the world for several years. These are my stories.

How I got here

After graduating in Computer Science at North Carolina State University, and a few brief stints of corporate work, I left for an extended sabatical to travel the world and ended up settling in Cuenca, Ecuador in 2006.

I turned to web development to sustain my travels and began learning the emerging Web standards of the day. In 2007 and ‘08, as the number of website projects steadily increased, I began compiling my ideas into a reusable custom CMS written in Classic ASP VBScript.

As the inevitable frustration grew with being the sole maintainer of a codebase written in an aging closed-source programming language, I turned to PHP, Drupal, and the thriving open source community — embracing the concept of standing on the shoulders of giants instead of writing everything from scratch.

Today I contribute primarily to Drupal and various other Open Source projects on GitHub.

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About the blog

This blog has existed and evolved through many technology stacks over the years. The current incantation is a return to simplicity and speed.


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