Montañita, Ecuador

We arrived in Montañita on Wednesday just after sunset, the ride was incredible along the coast. The bus drove through little sleepy finishing villages. Everyone seemed to beek cooking dinner outside on the road side and the smell was great! It was my first sunset over the Pacific Ocean and it was a moment I’ll never forget.

In Montaña, we met up with a hometown friend Jim Toman and he set us up with a room in the Hotel where he worked as a cook. This pueblo has a definite Bohemian feel to it. Lots of truly earthy people, artisans, musicians, etc. This town is located near the foot of where the mountainous country begins and the surrounding scenery and backdrop against the ocean was fabulous.

The hotel had a guitar and I got a good dose of jamming in while I was there. I met an eccentric Rastafarian named David, an artisan from Colombia who was very friendly and explained a lot to me about the Rasta. The town is a surf town but it was flat while we were there so I didn’t rent a board. Maybe further up the coast we can find more waves.

The first night there I didn’t sleep well because of cocks crowing, dogs howling, pigeons landing on the roof, donkeys hee-hawing, hammers and saws pounding away.

By the third night we got used to it and it became a refreshing change from the trains planes and automobile horns that I heard constantly at my place in Raleigh.

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