I’ve recently been given some web design projects to work on for the next few weeks while in Ecuador. So today as I am getting back into the swing of work I by this new concept called GTD. It seems to be gaining popularity and praise around the Web in the mac fanboy, programmer, web designer, and blogging sceen.

It is commonly tagged as GTD which stands for a productivity technique coined by the great David Allen in his book Getting Things Done.

In case you don’t want to buy the book you can get an idea of what its all about from the MineZone site’s notes from the book, and start working on my own DIYimplementation.

I’ve found some interesting AJAX websites like and downloadable software plugins to your favorite apps such as “Kinkless” that are based on the premises of GTD.

I found the idea of keeping an offline personal data assistance useful and intriguing. Here are some useful cutout templates to printout and use on index cards, to get organized, motivated, and productive.

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