The Haitian side of things

Yeah, Haiti. I didnt make it inside because I left my passport with the motorcycle rental company. A mistake, because I really did want to cross the border and see what it was like there. There are plenty of Haitians here in the DR and from what i can gather from other travelers and locals is that its not really as dangerous as everyone (eg, media in the US) makes it out to be. the exception being of course the capital city of Port-au-Prince, which was nowhere near where I would be crossing. the fact is the people there REALLY need tourism to bring in much needed dollars. the people are poor and have been abused by their tyranical and corrupt government and the evil upper class who dont do the slightest things to help their country or their poor. In fact, from a budget traveler’s perspective, there’s no reason not to go: everything is quite affordable (much more so than even here in the dominican republic), there is great carribean climate, the weather is typically dry, the kreyole language is cryptic but beautiful, the people are amiable and proud of their music and culture and have preserved their african roots better than any other american nation. I’m a bit dissappointed even now that i have returned the bike and now have my passport, becuase i’ve realised there is no time because carol will join me in 2 days to celebrate the new years.

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