Custom Date Formats for Drupal 7 Multi-language sites

One of the neat features of Drupal 7 is the integration between the date and time handling, and the multi-language configurations. With the locale module enabled, Date strings can be localize into the various languages enabled on your Drupal installation.

Custom date formats like the ones listed below may be added directly into the Administrative interface in Drupal, but this requires in-depth knowledge of how the PHP date formatting codes work. Therefore, developers can save their clients’ time and head scratching by providing the most common date formats used around the world in code, and non-technical client administrators may then simply select the date format for a given language through the UI.

Out of the box Drupal provides three date formats “Long”, “Medium”, and “Short”, all of which include the date and time. So here, we’ll provide a new custom date format called “Post date” that we can use to exclude the time, and show only the date.

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