Because I don’t have time to monitor stream-of-consiousness talk on the Drupal IRC channels, I stayed subscribed for the longest time to the Drupal mailing lists, thinking that it would help me stay abreast of what people are talking about in the Drupal world. However, I’ve come to realize now that some of these lists really have had little benefit for me over the past few years.

And lately the quality of the content is really hurting, and the signal to noise ratio is spotty at best.

A typical query into the mailing list usually results from some newcomer looking for answers, and being greeted by a bombardment of one or more of the following:

a) helpful and insightful responses from nice people,

b) a questionable message stating that the thread is off topic, which leads to:

c) a sub-discussion about what the list is for.

While this was extremely annoying, I lived with it and ignored it, but today I finally got something in my inbox that made this the last straw.

d) Hate mail.

This is the last thing I want to read on a Monday morning.

So it has finally come time to unsubscribe from the Support and Development email lists. I will stay subscribed to the Themes the Consulting and the Security News lists for now because these do generally still have higher quality message threads.

Goodbye, and good luck.


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