Domain module investigation

The following is a brief investigation about viability of the Domain module for Drupal 7.

1) Sharing / Restricting views:

The Domain Views module will let us specify access restrictions for each view, to restrict access to a single domain. This will be used to block almost all the views from being shared (eg the dealer search view, the blog view, etc). The products views will be shared on the two domains, so no change is needed there, but I will need to write logic into a custom tpl file for the uc_product view, to remove the link to the actual product page.

2) SEO impact of domain module.

We need to be weary of negative impacts of SEO from the domain module, there are two potential ways I can see the module negatively impacting SEO:

3) Potential solutions:

Canonical URLs support in Domain Access D7 has inbuilt canonical url support, there is a patch for D6 version, but it only works with nodes/regular content, and apparently nothing else.

Canonical_URL deprecated in favor of nodewords 1.2

Use NodeWords (6.x-1.x-dev) and Domain_Meta module, to integrate Nodewords with Domain Access.

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