Ecuadorian Haiku

On a sunny Ecuadorian morning a few days ago, I awoke with something funny in my head. From the depths of the warm cocoon that is my alpaca blanket, I jotted down on the nearest sheet of paper a few lines of haiku that flowed out without much forethought or effort.

Funny how Zen just happens to disappear and reappear in my life with surprising spontaneity. This doesn’t happen often, mind you, but perhaps it was brought on by a recent bout of meditation in combination with some independent research I’ve been getting more and more involved with along the lines of self-knowledge. Perhaps a simple occurrence of syncronicity more than anything else.


For some reason, all these haiku have come out with a distinct feeling of serenity and loneliness, so i applied the theme “isolation” to the title of this article.

:: chameleon

climate fluctuates- little color changer waits basking on a stone

:: a stroll

dew drop turns to frost crossing the park through the grass- crisp and clear the sound!

:: wandering

lonely traveler welcoming rain on his back many months from home

:: snowsounds

owl greets the snowfall silent night and wide awake fieldmouse heeds the tune

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