Travel Checklist

Globetrekking takes guts and a little bit of planning. Here’s my personal check list of items not to leave at home.

I’ve chosen to keep brand names down to a minimum with the hopes that people will make their own informed decisions on products to purchase. exceptions were made for brands that define a product, e.g. Band-Aid or Zip-Lock.

Clothing & Threads

In general, nylon/polyester blends and synthetics are cherished among travelers because they dry quicker, pack smaller, and weigh less when wet. other advantages include the ability to wick sweat away from your body and maintain comfort in nearly any climate or condition.

Cold Climate Gear


Money belt

Personal Necessities

Personal Accessories

Photography gear


Personal Distraction Assistance

First Aid Kit

Patch kit (optional)

Backcountry gear (optional)

Bathroom bag

Archive bag

The list of infrequently used but really important stuff to store at the bottom of the pack:

Staying connected

Here are a few things to occupy your time before you leave home…

  1. Create email distribution lists, one for friends and another for family.
  2. Create a blog. Wordpress or Blogger are free alternatives. There are also tons of specialized travel journal communities that help set you up with a website thats ready out of the box for charting your travels.
  3. Create an online photo album: Flickr or Google Photos are ubiquitous free options, but you can also find Wordpress plugins to host the photos on your own server.
  4. Scan all important documents and email them to yourself.

Preparing for your trip


Inspiration and ideas from Rolf Pott’s book Vagabonding.

A very special thanks to sol whose personal packing list was a a basis for this post.

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