Travel bug

Near the end of my trip I caught the South American travel bug after eating a seafood burrito in Montañita. Had I not extended my trip by a month, I would have already been back state-side, alas I ended up crippled over in pain for the excruciating 48 hour ordeal as the bug worked its way through my system.

The US$4.50 seafood burrito was the most expensive thing on the menu, which was almost the same price as a one night stay at the beach cabaña next door to the restaurant.

It was in fact a delicious plate, but it effectively ruined the next few days of my life in what was supposed to be a relaxing time at the beach with Carolina and her family.

I made it through the night only vomiting twice but with innumerable intestine-expunging sessions on the porcelain throne. The next day I traveled for one hour to arive at the nearest military hospital in Salinas. It was quite possibly the longest and worse vehicle ride in all of South America, only to be followed up by a series of blood tests, pills, and IV drips interspersed with dreadfully gross trips to the can.

montezuma's revenge!

The doctors there took excellent care of me and made me feel MUCH better. The experience left me extremely weak and deeply endebted to the family and the helpful doctors at the military hospital in Salinas. After the stay in the hospital overnight I went back into the Andes where I spend nearly a week inturned at Carol’s house where her beautiful and loving family welcomed me and took very good care of me.

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