The long trip to La Serena

After the Salar de Uyuni… we pretty much traveled straight for 2 days to La Serena, Chile. We first had to travel in an old bumpy and dusty land cruiser back to the Chilean Border. We stopped over night in the middle of nowhere bolivia arriving in darkness around 10 pm, they fixed me and Paul a little soup and potatoes, and of course a maté de coca. We left in darkness at 5:20 am the following friday morning and made our way to the chilean border to arrive by 9 am to meet a minibus to San Pedro de Atacama, where we picked up some things that we had left with Miguel at the hostel there, and booked a night bus to La Serena. The bus left at 7 pm and arrived at 11 am the next morning. The movie of choice on the bus was yet another Chuck Norris classic I’d never heard of “Logans War” … but was actually dubbed to Spanish. I think the talley now for entertaining bus movies is of the following:

Chuck Norris: 2 Jean Claude Van Damm: 4 or 5 Jon Bon Jovi: 1 (a really bad vampire slayer movie)

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