Colca Canyon: Day Three

Well, we overslept because my watch is dying and I didn’t hear the alarm… and I don’t even know if it really did go off or not. Anyway, Mauricio, the guy with the mule was waiting for us for an hour and a half and we finally got going by 5:45. The earlier you leave the better cause the heat in the canyon is pretty extreme even by 8 am in the morning. It took us about 3 hours to get out of the canyon, and Paul had to be the hard-ass and carry his pack all the way out. He was literally soaked from head to toe with sweat when we arrived at the top. Mauricio led us back into the town at the top of the canyon (Cabanaconde) and directed us to a good restaurant to get some affordable breakfast. Then we waited outside for the bus back to Arequipa. On the bus I talked to a couple of local girls that were traveling back to a hotel in Maca a tiny town further up the canyon where they worked. They were quite nice and one was really cute… but by now (couple weeks later trying to write this) I cant remember their names and her email address that she wrote on my arm had worn off in the much needed shower I took as soon as I got back to civilization in Arequipa. Oh well… thats the way it goes traveling… you meet so many people its really hard to keep up with all of them. Guess thats why I’m trying to keep up this journal…

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