Machala, Ecuador

We got a later start than we thought we would leaving Cuenca and traveled 6 hours to a city near the border with Peru called Machala. There was nothing much to see there, except for miles and miles of Banana plantations. The town was not exactly on the coast and aparently there arent very many tourists stopping there. We arrived late at night and caught a cab to a hotel. the next day we read in our guidebook not to arrive in Machala late at night because busses have been held up there and people have been robbed. But, thus far our luck has not run out (knock on wood) and we had no problems walking around town that night looking for locals to talk to and a cerveza or two. We woke up late and got a late start to cross the border a few 50 km away from town. I tried calling home and at the border crossing but got the answering machine…

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