Paragliding, or not

Today we woke up with the plan to go hangliding. We went to a good tour agency called Geotours just down the street from our hostel. They set everything up for us and got in touch with a guy who could do the tandem flight… THIRTYFIVE BUCKS per person! What a deal.

Well we were to leave at 2:30 so I just spent the morning catching up on this blog and writing also in my other personal journal (of which I’m about a week and a half behind). We took a ride up the mountain to the meeting spot to meet the guy but it must have been a communication breakdown cause we waited there for an hour and a half at least watching all the indigenous people walk by staring at us with their donkeys and dogs and sheep and goats.

We were way up in the middle of nowhere looking down over the same river valley I’ve been speaking of for the last few posts. Somewhere along the way I realized that the word parapente was actually the word for paragliding and not hanggliding, but no matter… its about the same effect anyway.

I was pumped to go, but when the guy finally showed up, the weather had gone sour and so we just had the tour guy drop us off at the nearest main highway and we caught a bus to Ambato and from there to Riobamba, which is were I am now and tomorrow we get up early to go on the Nariz del Diablo.

So this was the second time we have tried to go hanggliding (the first being back in Cruzita on the coast) with no success… hopefully the third time will be a charm as the saying goes.

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