Cruzita, Ecuador

After leaving Puerto Lopez, we headed up the coast towards Cruzita passing through the large port town of Manta to take out some money from the Bank and we grabbed lunch there too. We had planned to go hangliding there from the cliffs over the ocean but when we got there around 5:30 pm there was no wind whatsoever. So we decided we`d camp on the beach and save a few bucks because the cheapest hotel was like 8 bucks per person (WAY TOO expensive here).

We ended up meeting two local chicks who recommended us not to camp too far away from the street lamps. They were pretty cool and since the little fishing village was dead—it being Monday or Tuesday or something—we hung out on the beach talking with them and they brough down a Monolopolio (monopoly) board game which we played for a while… it was cool to see the board game in Spanish!

Well, as our luck goes, the day we chose to camp on the beach was probably the worst idea yet. There was no breeze on the beach so we just layed there on our ground mats. It was way to hot to use the sleeping bags. Burning up in the humidity… we couldnt take off the rain fly which was one reason why it was so hot because it started to rain around 3 or 4 in the morning. I didn’t get much sleep if any.

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