Traffic Court "System"

As part of my plea bargain with the District Attorney of Chatham county, I have to take a driver’s remedial course. Eight grueling hours of seemingly obvious and basic driving information, makes me begin to question the whole traffic court system… how a little accident like (barely) running a redlight can add points on car insurance and raise it by $120 per year for three years. And how it takes a lawyer to get the offense “reduced” to a non-moving violation to save money is puzzling. Why can’t we just pay the $25 dolar fine, and avoid “court” costs/ lawyer costs and insurance increase?

There should be a more standard process for this than having to make a physical appearance in court to save yourself money. The system is screwed… and dont tell me “you cant beat the system.” Sure you can, but its important to realize that a key feature of the system is that it is structured such that beating the system and simultaneously submitting to it is damn near impossible.

Anyway, due to inclimate weather, my driver’s remedial course was rescheduled from two 4 hour sessions during the begining of this week to one 8-hour session this saturday… yet again, moving my departure date back a few more days. It is a damn good thing I havent purchased a ticket yet! The new plan is to leave from Miami for Quito or Guayaquil Ecuador on Monday the 23rd of February… missing the entire weekend festivities of South American Carnaval. The Soup Nazi, I mean…D.A., says to me, “no soup for you!”

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